Sharing meals on DDP

I think this is ok but wanted to double check. We will be 3 adults, 3 kids on the DDP. I had everything planned out with the right number of meals but was just able to grab a pre-rd CP ADR.

At our non buffet meals can my DS3 (who eats next to nothing) share with the rest of us so that we can save his credits for the extra meal? Can adults do the same? Maybe pay for an app and share the main meal and dessert?

Thanks for any advice. I’m not trying to be cheap but really don’t want to pay for food that won’t be eaten.


Yes you can share at all non buffet and non family style meals when using DDP. DH and I do it often and get an app that we pay for out of pocket.

Your not being cheap sometimes the meals are huge and its hard to eat a hearty meal and waddle around the parks after that!

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