Sharing magicbands

Can my family let my brothers family use our magic bands to use our FPP for A&E? Here's the issue...I have 2 boys, my brother has 2 girls, so the cast members well know its not us.

Are you all going to be in the park at the same time? If yes, then you'll be able to share MBs. If not, it's less likely.

Once you're in the park, you only have to scan your MBs to enter an attraction. You don't have to re-scan your fingers, and trust me, no Castmember is looking that closely at your names.

The name that shows is the one in my disney experience, so if you are overly concerned, change their name in mde to just an initial

My son uses my MB every trip and he has never told me that a called him by my name. With the fuss over A And E difficulty I'm sure that it's happened to others. Don't worry.

Yes, we'll all be there together. We'll be waiting for them to get out. My family is checking in a week earlier. For my family this will be day #6, for my brothers, it'll be their 1st. I figure they'll never get A&E their first night in MK.

You'll be fine switching them then. Have fun!