Sharing illuminations cruise?

Hi. We have booked an illuminations cruise for sept 8th. Any suggestion how we can find 6 others to share? Thank you.

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My DH and I are going to be there and would be interested. I believe the boat holds 10 people and would cost $35 dollars a person (correct me if I’m wrong). We would be willing to pay for two spots

Keep me in the loop. I like tje thought of sharing this.

I’d be interested, too. It’s our last night. Two of us…my young adult daughter and me.

Oh it would be two btw. Me and husband.

Looks like you have just found 6 others. Please let us know details. You can pm all of us so it is not in forums.

That’s great jedilography. Just waiting to hear back from the friend who booked and will get back to you all. This may sound silly - but how do I pm the three couples? Thank you. M

Ok going from my phone to pm someone.

Press on your icon. You will get several icons. Press the mail icon and enter in screen names.

The receivers will see a green bubble on the left instead if a blue bubble on the right when there is a message.

Thank you. I think I’ve pm’d all three. Here’s hoping !

Yes you did. Awesome liner meet!!!

Heres a good question. I know you board these cruises from a resort. Since you board at a resort and disembark at a resort. Do you even need a park tocket to do this??

Just trying to figure out how many days to buy for my passes.

That’s an excellent question! I’d love to hear the answer.

99% sure the answer is no. You don’t get to get off the boat so no reason to have to have a ticket.

I did call disney after i posted my question. You do NOT need a prk ticket for the cruise.

So, just curious, were you all able to come together to do this cruise? I was thinking about hosting one in November. I would like to know if this one worked out well before I decide whether I want to tackle one myself.

Yes. It worked out well. One of the group was happy to pay up front and the other 4 couples, who all hooked up through forums, all paid her on the night. We just met at the marina at the assigned time.
There is an element of risk that you don’t get the boat filled or that someone needs to change their plans at the last minute. However we were lucky to get 5 couples all able to commit.
We had a lovely evening.
Good luck and have a wonderful vacation.


Thank you!