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Ok so I keep reading here (and on the rest of the internet) that child QS credits can be used to purchase adult meals, and that this is now officially “allowed”. And that it’s officially allowed to pay for non-DDP guests with your own credits.

But I can’t find anything on Disney’s site to corroborate. Their 2017 pamphlet specifically says the opposite.

We’re considering adding the QS plan to our room (2 adults, 2 kids under 9) and sharing the credits with my mom, who’s in another room. We can’t use enough QS credits to make the plan make sense on our own, but if we split them with her the math is good because we can use the credits selectively at the more expensive restaurants.

Is there anything anywhere that actually spells out the new rules?

As far as I understand it, if you have the ordinary dining plan, with 1 table and 1 qs meal per day, the child meals are stored separately and the child credits can only be used for a child meal. However you would be free to use them how you like, so you could all order a child qs meal one day, and could use 5 credits if you want. What you can’t do though is use 2 qs credits for a table meal.

If you have the deluxe plan, all meal credits are table credits, and you can use them for a qs meal if you want to. Again, how you use them is up to you. Now I don’t know if the adult and child credits are stored separately, never used it, but I would think so.

In all cases, all credits are available on all bands. You do not need to have each person tap in to order their own meal.

So I think the child credits must be used for a child meal but can be ordered for an adult. And that an adult credit COULD be used to order a child meal if you wanted to. Also you could order just 3 meals to share if you wanted to. And yes, you can order for Mum too, but unless you are sharing &/or skipping some meals you would run out eventually.

Does that make sense? I think the confusion is that because you can use credits as you like, a child can order an adult meal but that would use an adult credit and leave a child credit. And an adult can have the kid’s mac’n’cheese and use a child credit.

For QS meals the credits are not separated by child and adult. So you can order all four adult meals. No one is going to police who eats the meal so you are fine sharing. The TS restaurants do separate child vs adult so if you are doing the regular dining plan then you have to order two meals off the children’s menu.


This is only the case for TS meals. Not true for QS meals.

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I agree with @AuntB_luvsDisney. QS credits are just grouped together. No one can see if they are child/adult. You can use them for adult meals.

The sharing with others was announced through media outlets. I will find some of those stories later and post.

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Here is The Disney Food Blog summary of the changes. Note that it is not true that you need to purchase a MYW package with tickets to get the dining plan.

Edited to add All Ears summary.

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Thanks. I wish Disney’s info didn’t explicitly say otherwise. The QSDP brochure says right on it you can’t transfer credits and children under 9 must order from the children’s menu.

So… when you get your receipt with your balance, for QS it doesn’t say “x adult credits and y child credits”? It just says “z credits”?

On the QS I says you have this number of meals left. No designation of adult or child. I don’t have a receipt to show you. Maybe some one else has one.

Ha! Found one! Let’s see if the link works

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You cannot transfer unused credits. In other words if you have a friend you cannot give them your credits to be used from their account. You can go to a TS or QS restaurant and say- we are using the dining plan for this meal- and use your credits for everyone.


Ah, ok. That makes sense for what “transfer” means. Thanks.

And thanks AuntB for googling, I didn’t think of looking for receipts that way.

I feel better now.


Thanks for correcting me! Makes it much easier.

Agree! We currently have a resort only reservation to which we added dining. We are yet without tickets