Sharing Dining Plan Questions 2018

I am sure this has been covered but I am not sure what the most up to date info is on the subject.

Planning a trip early next year. 2 adults and 2 kiddos (ages 9&3). 1 adult is an Annual Passholder. Will be making a magic your way reservation package for the 1 adult and 2 kids. Planing to add deluxe dining package. Are the table service meals separated for adults and children? If so I could add the 9 years old as an adult? Trying to figure out what would work best as we will not need 3 meals per day per person as we have a picky toddler in the mix. Helpful suggestions please…

The way it works right now all credits are pooled for the deluxe plan. The issue if I understand you correctly is this: all members will need to have the same package. You would need to get a ticketless package - room plus dining for everyone (2 adults , 2 children ) and then buy discounted tickets for everyone.

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I am not planning to add the AP to the reservation at all. Let’s just say he is staying off property and will only be meeting us in the parks. The only thing we are wanting to do is share the dining credits. So if I purchase the deluxe dining plan for 1 adult and 2 children for our stay would we easily be able to share the dining credits with the AP?

My words are always a jumble lol trying to clarifty :slight_smile:

Yes, the way it works now (no guarantee that when alcohol is added it will stay the same) all credits are pooled. It will be interesting to see if a child credit will be able to get a meal with a drink…