Sharing dining plan credits

I heard that you can now use your dining plan credits for people who are not on your plan, has anyone done that?

I may be wrong but I think this is only allowed with the Deluxe Dining Plan.

It was always my impression that Disney doesn’t care who uses your credits, really. They’ve never asked us if every person at the table is on the plan.

Sit down, order 4 adult meals, they ask if you are on the dining plan, you say yes, they apply the use of 4 credits, scan your MB and sign, and voila.

Am I mistaken?

Yes, I agree. No one is checking ID’s at the table.

I guess they figure that if you’re using the dining plan, it’s for the people you’re eating with. But if they aren’t, those who are on your plan are having their credits used for someone else.

Say there are 4 people in your party and on your plan, but your dinner party is a party of 8. I’m assuming you can use 8 credits of your plan to cover the meal. You just won’t have those 4 credits for the next day that otherwise would have been allotted for that day.

I’m sorry if I’m rambling…! Basically, the use of the credits is at your discretion, and you just need to decide the best use of them.

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You used to not be allowed to share entitlements so it was limited by number. If I had 2 disney adults on DDP and brought a third person to dinner, I could use the second credit for either my husband or that third person, but not use credits for all three. But last year they changed the rules to let you use any number of entitlements you want at any sitting.