Sharing a reservation/ Suggestions

I am traveling with another family. I am a wake up, get up, go have fun Disney person. They are a sleep in, relaxed and go with the flow. I am cool with that, except for my MUST do’s.

I have a 9:10 AM BOG breakfast for 7 ppl. The kids will be in a class so that leaves 4 adults. I do not think 2 of the adults will make it to MK in time for the reservation.

Have any liners shared a reservation? I guess that we would all be eating together. I keep looking for a 2 Adults reservation, but no luck, yet. I do not want to give up my reservation and I would feel bad about having a reservation for 7 and only I show up.


I’m not sure, but I think you can edit the reservation to the number of people going. I believe you can do it right up until reservation time.

WOW! Really…when I called CM said that none were available for 2-4 people…I said that I would just keep my reservation for 7 then…

go into your MDE account and hit on your reservation. There should be a tab that says" Edit DiningParty "

:frowning: I do not see an “edit dining party” There is an "update guests’ but I can not remove the number of people, only change who is eating. Thank you though.

If you have to show up with one, show up with one. Just think, maybe a lucky family of four or a couple may walk up ( the park will be open) and they may let them in!

I would love to give a family some inadvertent pixie dust but I thought that BOG had no walk up seating?

Someone posted in chat a couple of weeks ago they got a walk up- so I guess you never know!

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Thank You @PrincipalTinker