Sharing a memory maker

I went on a school trip and just got back. The kids used the photopass and scanned their bands. I am wondering if we buy memory maker now, will those pictures be available and can each kid download the pictures they want? I’ve never used memory maker and need to know how it works before buy it.

I believe that you need to buy Memory Maker 3 days before your trip in order for it to work.

EDIT: Sorry, I was thinking of the Advance Purchase Discount version of Memory maker - the normal priced version can be bought post-trip. D’oh!

You can view the pictures at
They can either be purchased individually for $14.00 a piece or you can buy the entire lot via Memory Maker for $199 plus tax. The only advantage of buying it before trip begins is the $30 savings. The site will give you instructions on how to view the pictures.

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