Sharing a forum post on chat

I’m trying to use Forum more, but I’m having some trouble. If I want to post something to Forum but then share a link to that Forum post on chat, how do I do that? If I click on Share, it gives me the option to Share to Twitter, Facebook, etc. but not to Chat. I also can’t seem to click back and forth between Forum and Chat on my desktop. So it is seeming like I have to do Forum at my desktop and Chat from my iPhone 6. I must be missing something. I can’t seem to find just basic “how to” instructions on this either. Am I just missing them? Thanks.

Open up two browser windows, and start Chat in one and the Forum in the other. Go to the Forum post that you want to share and copy the URL. Then go over to Chat and paste the URL along with any explanatory text you want. Voila!

Thanks @brklinck. You are giving instructions for how to do this on my phone using browser right? I have not been able to figure out any way to access Chat on my desktop. It is only an App right? Or are you saying there is a way to open Chat in a browser window on my desktop?

On my desktop it is easy to see what the URL is. On my phone, however, the URL is not accessible. At the top of the page, in the browser bar it just says If I click on the share button I can see the correct URL but I can not copy it. I can only share to FB, Twitter, G+ and mail. So I am still not clear how to find and then share the URL of a forum post.

To access chat on your desktop go to and you can see the interface you get on your phone including chat. That is the easiest way to share a form post.

No, it is much easier to do this on your desktop. Use the link that @Outer1 posted to access Chat on your PC.

Thanks to you both. I appreciate all the help. I am rarely at a desktop computer. Maybe this is part of why forum has been so much more difficult for me to get the hang of. I am mostly on my iPhone both at home and at work.

forum on the phone is cumbersome at first and can actually be really slow too. Forum works better in Chrome on iphone. More of the features work and it’s easier to grab the URL’s for copy/pasting.

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Ah, I see when you said “switch on my desktop” I thought you meant you were having trouble doing this on a PC.

On an iPhone using Safari, in order to copy the URL of the post you are displaying, touch and hold for a few seconds on the address bar, which will then display and select the whole address. Tap the address to show the action menu and select “Copy” then switch over to Chat and then paste it into your post.

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Thanks for all the guidance.

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