Sharing 7dmt fpp excitement!

Since only a liner would understand...After a week of trying and freaking out, finally just got a fpp for 7dmt!!! It's our party night and from 3:55 to 4:55 but it will work!!! (Jumping up and down!!!!!)
Sooooooo real question... What time should we be at busses at AoA to get in gates at 4????


No earlier than 3 pm, maybe 3:15 would be good.


Thank Len! Or should we just drive to make sure we are there on time... I'm nervous about the busses (we always drive) smile

Congrats! Our last trip was the first time we relied on the buses and we were not disappointed but I guess every day can be different and we were coming from CSR.

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Thanks @lovethemagic it will be our first bus experience if I decide to take the plunge!