Shared Memory Maker Beginning of March

It is my Disney World trip although I have done several to Disneyland. I have always gotten the Photo Pass at Disneyland and really want to get the Memory Maker but am having a hard time justifying it. We will be arriving February 27th and leaving March 7th. Would anyone like to share the MM with me?

It should say first Disney World Trip.

I would. I replied to other thread as well with my e-mail

Fantastic. I haven’t heard back from @LoveThatMouse2 yet, but if we can save some money that would be wonderful. What are your dates? We are two weeks out and so excited.

@blueslake I sent you an email. 20 days for me :smile:

I’ll be there on the 10&11 March. Will that work out if we share?


Sounds great. @LoveThatMouse2 and @Misstls are with us already so that brings it down to $37.50 each. Pretty reasonable. Email me at and we can finalize the details.


Emailed you :smile: