Share your best FP tips here (for the next Unofficial Guide)

Post away. I’m looking for anything you’ve got (within the rules).

Don’t book any FPP for the first week of March 2020 because they will get all crazy messed up.


Have your browser open with MDE loaded and signed in on multiple windows (one for each day of your trip). Work your way through your windows/days based on how hard FPPs are to get and how far into your trip you’re booking them. Just take the hard to get ones for each day then go back and add in the easier ones afterwards.

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I also think it’s useful to know about not being limited by the tier system if park hopping.
If you only book 1 tier 1 FPP in your first park, then your can in theory book a tier 1 in a second and even third park I’ve you’ve tapped in for that first one.

Although, now I’m wondering what the rules are (?)

I deleted my post about the park hopping for the moment.

On thinking about it, I wonder if it’s such a good idea to have stuff like that published, for a few reasons. Same for things like timing of same-day FP drops and so on.

Anyone else have any thoughts on this?

@Shmebulock, the thread in question is also linked to in a recent one.


You no longer have to book three fast passes and if you are park hopping you should consider if only prebooking one or two will be better for your touring plans. You can book fast passes from the first park the day you are hopping.

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Sorry I’m not sure I understand what the thread in question is.

As to whether to have this kind of information published or not, I would have thought that having it right here on an easily searchable internet forum is further reaching than having it printed in a book.
Digital world and all that.
Not knocking the book of course, just making the point that many more people will access the info here than in any kind of book.

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OK so here’s my low down on how you can park hop with fastpasses.

  • If you have only booked 1 fastpass at your first park, once you have tapped into the fp line, you can now do one of the following:

    • book a tier 1 and a tier 2 ( or two tier 2) Fastpasses in a second park
    • book any tier in a second park and any tier in a third park.
  • If you have pre-booked 2 fastpasses at your first park, again once you have tapped into the FIRST fp line, the fp system now knows you are in a park, and you can now make 1 more fastpass in any park, without tier restrictions.

  • If you actually originally made 3 in one mark, but then decide you want to park hop after using the first (or second), you must CANCEL the remaining one(s) before making the new one(s) in a different park(s). Modifying your 2nd or 3rd will not work.

I think that should read ‘and you can now make 1 more fastpass in any OTHER park’

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At MK especially, we had massive success with booking 4th, 5th, etc FPs after the first three were used at most of the classic attractions. Near the end of the day, there were so many fastpasses being dropped that we just walked ride to ride to ride booking whatever the next FP was available. If you aren’t picky about what you ride or how many times, you can hit most of the child-friendly attractions and use RD for thrill rides.


This is so eloquently put.

I think my tips are too wordy for a book, so it might be better to add something like:

If you do not pre-book all three Fastpasses, then once you have used one you can make the remaining Fastpasses in any other park(s). Those may include a further tier 1 ride(s) per park.

I know it isn’t the full story, but then someone reading the book could come on here and ask for clarification.

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If you don’t want (or can’t get) a tier 1 FP, you can get 3 tier 2 FPs. This gets asked fairly regularly.


I think it is worth mentioning how the app functions maybe as a way to share the refresh trick without really teaching the refresh trick - since it is not totally reliable and be get a little fiesta when it doesn’t work:

Fastpass inventory changes quickly while you are in the park, and the My Disney Experience app will only show you 3 available options for rides. This does not mean that these are the only options available. Many users have success switching between times to refresh the app and view more options. Sometimes this even results in rides that were listed as unavailable suddenly popping up!

Perhaps also something about overlapping times:

If you are traveling with a larger group (more than 4) or are trying to secure a hard to get Fastpass, consider splitting your group in to smaller groups. Though you might not find passes for a larger group, you might find overlapping passes for smaller groups. For example, three people could have a Fastpass starting at 10:30 and three people could have a Fastpass starting at 11:00. Everyone could ride anytime between 11 and 11:30.

Maybe something about how and when FPs May convert your anytimes? With all the caveats of course, so something like:

While not guaranteed, often times if you have a fast pass for a ride that shuts down either for mechanical or weather related issues, you will be awarded an anytime fast pass (likely with some restrictions - e.g. may not be usable on the most popular rides). Some liners suggest watching the weather and if a rainstorm is headed in, book a fast pass for Dumbo, which often closes in bad weather.

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If you can’t find the exact time you want for a FP, but can get pretty close, get the closest time then click modify and move it up/down until you get the exact time. Doesn’t work with super headliners.