Share a Memory Maker in June? Anyone?

I’m looking for anyone that would like to share a memory maker package with me. We are going June 12-22.

Hola @felesh! I will be there 6-20 june so it overlaps nicely! How does this work? And, more importantly, if I’m in Mexico… How do I pay?

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Woo hop!! Let’s do it. I think it is 169 if we buy it in advance. Ill double check. Then we just become friends on mde and download after we have both edited. We can set up a dummy account or share user name and password and do it that way.
I don’t know about paying… PayPal or send me a check?

Pay pal I have!!! Ok, since I arrive first, do I buy it and then mail you my email and password so you can log into my account and add yourself to my party? How do we link our MBs to it? and then we each just put borders and magic and everything to our pics and then download and be happy?

We would also be interested. We will be there June 14-19.

Great! Everyone good with the 3 of us splitting it? I don’t think it has to be purchased by the first person there, but I will do some research. I’ve had one shared with me and I could see all the pics. We just need to add each other as friends on MDE and we can see them all and edit them. Once they are all edited, we can download from one account.

That sounds good to me. Just let me know details.

@felesh, @ericlori, i’m truly sorry, but I’ll have to bow out. My DB just surprised me with a MM card!!!
I hope you get another sharer!!! Good luck!

OK. Anyone else want to share for June?

I’m going to have to back out also. Sorry