Shanghai Disney Now Open

I skimmed through this live stream from four hours ago when Shanghai Disneyland reopened. Hard to believe there are guests there right now! In fact, other than people wearing masks, not much seems different at first glance.


For those that haven’t seen it:

Possibly can start setting expectations for US parks?

Here is info about the referenced QR health code

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I had to stop watching around the 37 min mark, it was making me super anxious.

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Interesting that the regular parade and nighttime events will be cancelled for now but they are doing some sort of modified replacement that… could still draw a crowd?

I’ll be curious to see how long they wait and what they do to determine parades, shows, meets, etc are safe. I imagine taking time to set up these alternatives was no small investment so I’m betting it will be a while.

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If I recall, what they are doing is happening multiple times throughout the day so that it wouldn’t draw everyone all at once. So while there may be crowds, it will be constantly rotating through much smaller crowds as a result.


Watch past that. What you’re seeing there is congestion of media and bloggers. The crowds otherwise are light and well disbursed.

Does it matter who they are? People are people and they will forget to keep their distance, whether it’s on this video or not.


I was thinking more in terms of what average crowds will look like and anytime it’s a media event there are significantly more people, which will cause closeness. So I was discounting them. I personally would be comfortable going to that park on day 2. After the media was gone. We were in target the other day and although it wasn’t crowded, a couple of people were so close behind us in line if I slightly stepped back I would have bumped into them. My point being some people don’t understand personal space, it doesn’t matter how big or small the crowd is.

That’s my point too. It doesn’t matter if it’s a small crowd or whether there are media there. Some people won’t keep their distance and that makes me anxious.

Agreed. I wonder if the people in the video have a higher level of “feel” safe with the QR health code system they’re using. They are several months ahead of us in recovery and number of cases as well, which probably factors in to their comfort level also.


Yes that’s true.

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The video is restricted and must be approved for me to view it. :frowning:

It’s just from YouTube, you could search for it there.

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Thank you!

Aha, my daughter was logged into youtube with her school account, which is highly restricted. Have a super day @missoverexcited!

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Okay, I skipped ahead to start about 18 mins in:

  1. spectators of the ?welcome show are not socially distant. Are these only journalists?
  2. cast members are not quite socially distant
  3. Cast members without masks!

Crap I’m not even 20 mins into this thing and I think I’m not ready to go back if our measures will mirror their measures.

Going to watch periodically through my work day. As work allows. And as my anxiety level allows.

Crap crap crap


It occurs to me that Shanghai Disney makes such a great test case for this opening as compared to in the US.

Since the government is mandating they use contact tracing apps, it means that IF there is any kind of spread that comes out of their opening, they will have DIRECT means for determining if it really was spread at Disney or not. (That is to say, if person X comes down with it, it would be easy to see if they potentially caught it from Disney or not.)

Government-mandated contact tracing wouldn’t fly in the US…but Disney will gain insight into how well this works by doing it in Shanghai first.


My dominate thought was whether they are cleaning those carousel bars in between each ride.

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Have not made it that far… yikes

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Also keep in mind all the videos prior to today - the ones which show people spaced apart in ride vehicles and maintaining separation in lines - were entirely stage-managed. Those people were effectively actors who were going to do what the director told them. Today and in the next few days we’re going to see what a real crowd does, and I think there’s going to be a lot of “yikes.”


This made me laugh out loud, so thank you for that! In all seriousness though, what were they thinking??