Shampoo at Pop Century

Can anyone who has stayed recently at Pop tell me about the shampoo and conditioner in the newly renovated rooms? I understand that the showers now have dispensers instead of the little bottles. Are there separate shampoo and conditioner or is it the same 2-in-1 that they used to give in the Mickey bottles. My husband and kids will not use 2-in-1. Need to know if we should bring our own supplies. Thanks.

I am 95% sure it is separate shampoo & conditioner. I know that they have 3 bottles & one is body wash.

On this topic - does anyone know if they have switched from the little individual containers to the big ones attached to the showers in all resorts?

We were in Alligator Bayou last week at POR and they were still using the little bottles. We stocked up for the trip home. :smile:

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I can confirm that in December '17 GF still had the little bottles. Was wondering if they were slow rolling it resort-by-resort until they ran out lol.

Stayed at AKL and CR in June - little bottles at both.

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So, anyone sure about the separate shampoo and conditioner in the dispenser?

Yes they are separate - shampoo, conditioner and body wash. There is a clear photo in this link.


Thanks @missoverexcited My family will be greatly relieved!

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3 pump bottles in All Star Sports.

POR (MB section) had dispensers when we were there in late May.

I can also confirm - 3 pump bottles in Pop Century’s updated room we stayed at in April. (Separate shampoo/conditioner) I LOVE H2Oplus Sea Salt.


I know I am gonna be the only one, but I much prefer dispensers to little bottles. More environmentally friendly and at least I get enough shampoo and conditioner for my hair. The amount of hair I have rivals Rapunzel’s.


Thanks @joefishing209
@Dreamer and @starfrenzy I love the H2O products as well. Had them at Poly and on a cruise.

@MissBelleCA I agree with you about the dispensers. My daughter can never get enough shampoo out of the bottles. She goes through so many of those tiny bottles. Hopefully the dispensers will be kept full.

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In April Pop had separate shampoo and conditioner dispensers.

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I was at Pop last week. Shower had 3 dispensers- shampoo, conditioner, and body wash. Also got a bar of soap & a bottle of lotion.


I think it it’s great! The little bottles waste a lot of plastic.


Hi everyone! I have an upcoming stay in a few weeks and just wanted to know if the body wash/soap and shampoo and conditioner are okay for kids (ages 6 and 7yrs old). I’m sure they are but just being overly cautious. Thanks in advance :blush:

I can’t think of why they wouldn’t be okay for kids. Did you have a particular concern?

No particular concern, just that my kids have sensitive skin so I was wondering if I should pack my own soap and shampoos for the kids. Hoping the products were hypoallergenic is all.