Shades vs Disney Deluxe

Trying to compare apples vs oranges, I know. As a vet I am eligible to stay at Shades of Green in January. For a 7 night stay I can save about $2000 compared to a stay at a Deluxe like Beach Club. That’s a big savings.

Problem is that I’m not sure I want to stay at SOG. I’ve been out of the military a long time and want to feel the Disney experience even if it costs more. Our family stayed at Poly and Wilderness last January and I feel like Shades will be a disappointment.

Any thoughts? Disagree? Take the money and run? Thanks

$2000 is a lot of money, but I understand your concern. SOG is fabulous in many ways–the rooms are large (larger than any of deluxe rooms I believe) and the cost really can’t be beat. But it doesn’t feel overly Disney to me–staying at a deluxe resort is a completely different experience in my opinion. Is the $2000 difference factoring in a military discount at a deluxe? Just asking because the military discount was a huge savings for us at GF this past March.

Thanks for the reply. I’m not eligible for the Disney military discount. Need to be retired or disabled veteran, of which I am neither.

Oh, that makes sense as to the big price difference then. What about doing a split stay? Stay at SOG for a few nights (and do long park days) and then change to a deluxe for some pool and resort time?

I have never regretted our stays at SOG even without the overwhelming Disney feel. It’s easy to walk across the street to the Poly which has good dining choices, a great theme and transportation options.

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Thanks. Helpful to know. Will also consider a split stay.