Shades of Green May reservations canceled

It finally happened. I woke up this morning to an email from Shades of Green saying that all reservations through May 31 are automatically canceled. It’s very bittersweet, a relief to know for sure, but sad that our trip is canceled. We could certainly use a Disney vacation right now but it ain’t happening.


Hang in there.

I’ve been tuning in to the daily community check-in on FB live with The Be Our Guest Podcast and Mike has gotten into the habit of saying, and he’s not wrong, that we are one day closer to a return to normal with each day that passes.

We’ll get back home someday soonish in the grand scheme


Sorry, such a bummer. I’m with you and expecting my Disney resort reservation package for end of May to be canceled any day now.


I am so sorry to here that. Can you go at a different time this year? I schedule a stay at Shades of Green in December wit the hopes that I can go.

I love how nice everyone is on this forum! Thank you for your kindness. We do have alternate plans to go in November, but this May trip was a graduation present for our son and he will be leaving on a 2 year mission for our church in July. I feel pretty terrible that he is going to miss the Disney World trip.

Did you get your park tickets through Shades of Green? We got tickets in Jan for what was supposed to be a March trip (staying off property). I am now thinking about rescheduling for a Sept trip but if there’s limited park openings or limited rides I would prefer to wait until next year. The tickets are good until Dec but I’m considering asking if they could extend the window. Does anyone have any advice or thoughts? TIA

I actually did purchase my tickets through Shades of Green and inexplicably they are sticking to a “no refunds” policy and not wanting to refund me for the one ticket I can no longer use. They don’t have anyone in the office but they do sort of respond to my emails. I hope you have better luck dealing with them about this than I have so far. My policy is to bug and bother until I get the answer I want or an irrevocable “no” so I will keep trying. I will keep you posted.

I had purchased Disney 4 day park hopper from the military base back in 2015 and activate the tickets, (so I could make fast pass reservations). I contact Disney and I believe had to speak to a supervisor and email copies of the tickets and they did refund the cost of the tickets by sending me a check.

I got them to agree to allow me to use the value of my extra ticket to buy tickets to a special event. I am content with that.

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