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We are staying at Shades of Green in just a few days! Any tips on what room to request or anything else that would be helpful is greatly appreciated! SOG is not included in the room selection service on the app which is a bummer. We have 5 month old and 3 year old. We already have our park tickets. We were thinking the best plan to get to MK would be to walk to Poly and take the monorail. TIA!

It’s been a few years since we have stayed there so I can’t comment on specific rooms to request. The rooms are quite nice sized compared to Disney resorts. Walking to the Poly and taking the monorail to MK is a good idea–we have always done that. It’s an easy walk.
A good website for more Shades of Green information is

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For rooms, the main question is how much do you plan on using the pool. If a lot, you want to be in the Magnolia wing; it can be a long walk from some of the Palm wing rooms. I think there is a path that connects the two wings, but I’m not much of a pool guy at WDW, so I never explored it. I personally like the Palm wing better; it’s newer and it is directly connected to the parking garage. If you don’t have a car, this is a moot point. My favorite rooms are in the X107-X114 (where X=the floor number) of the Palm wing; they are relatively close to the lobby and have a nice view into the courtyard area.

The buffet restaurant (open for breakfast and dinner) has probably the cheapest food in WDW, and it’s eatable, if not great (but I feel that way about the park buffets as well). Mangino’s is the small TS and the quality is along the lines of Olive Garden, with a smaller menu.

The AAFES is small, but pretty well stocked with snacks, drinks (including bottles of alcohol at non-Disney prices), some clothing items, toiletries/OTC meds, souvenirs, etc.

The SoG buses run on a time clock schedule and are always right on time. For MK and EP they only go to the TTC, so I recommend for MK walking to the Poly and taking the mono. For EP I take the SoG bus to the TTC and take the mono from there. For the other parks and DS, I use the SoG buses - at least to get there. Coming home, I’ll sometimes take a bus to the Poly and walk back (if I’m not too tired). The walk is about 10 min or so, but the cruel thing about it is that it’s uphill coming home :slight_smile:

Lot’s more I could say; if you have any specific questions, keep them coming.


Make use of the Shady Shuttle (ask at bell services) so you can at least take a little golf cart down to the main road and then its a quicker walk to the Poly monorail. I think you can also call them on your way back and have them come pick you up - wish I would have done this the day I put in 31k steps :frowning:


I agree with everyone… walk to Poly. It’s not bad. They will give you a little paper “ID” showing you’re a guest. Make sure you have it with you plus your military ID. The gate guard most likely will stop you to see it when heading back into SOG.

Staying here for the first time in July and keep second guessing our decision. Thank you @bswan26 for the map and description!

We are staying at Shades of Green in October and would be interested in hearing how your trip goes. Thank you for your service.