Shades of Green confirmed for Early Entry

It’s being reported that SoG have said on their Facebook page that guests will be included in the Early Entry programme for WDW.

I couldn’t find a recent thread discussing this. Which obviously means I’ll now spot it in about 30 seconds. :joy:


Let’s see if this works:


Thank you! I had been waiting for this. This puts SOG back in the running for lodging options.

Still debating between SOG for much cheaper and a 1 bedroom DVC rental for the extra space.

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Have you been to SoG? Their standard room is bigger than a Deluxe Studio. They also have suites that are less expensive then a DVC rental.

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Oh good, they should be included. When I was there for tickets, last week the place was jumpin’. I haven’t seen it so busy since b4 the pandemic. It was nice to see all the military families out for some Rn’R


I have stayed there twice before but it has been 10 years or so since we stayed there and before our youngest was born. I know their rooms are bigger and as a family of 5 we would fit.

I am debating between SOG for space and price or getting a 1 bedroom DVC rental for the space and kitchen. I not really looking at DVC studios. I don’t feel for us the increased cost over SOG is worth it to still have just 1 room and no kitchen. I have also looked at Fort Wilderness cabins but without a discount they are pricey. If a 2022 salute offer comes through they may be back in the running but I probably have to decide on DVC rental very soon to get anything.

With 2 teens and an 8 year old the layout of the 1 bedroom DVC or Cabin might make sense. The door between rooms can come in handy at times. No suites at SOG are available for my dates next May last time I looked.


ahhh… and I’m gussing they are limited in quantity as well. We’ve stayed in the Cabins and really liked them BUT you are all bunking/sleeping in one room. There was a murphy bed in the living room too.

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