Shades of Green and advance dining reservations

I received a reminder today from touring plans that tomorrow marks the 180 day window for dining reservations for our trip in November. We will be staying at the Shads of Green and the email reminded us that because we are staying “on property” we can book up to 10 days of reservations at that time. My question is… How does the Disney reservation system recognize that I am staying at the Shades of Green and that it is considered an on property resort? Anyone have experience with this?

Your reservation needs to be linked to your MDE account. Under “plan and manage” there is a link for “my reservations and tickets”. You need to link your reservation if you have not done so already. I believe it asks for the name on the reservation and the confirmation number.

If you have the same issue I had and have a nickname or slightly different name on your MDE account vs your full legal name on your reservation, you can go to your MDE profile and edit your name before you link the reservation.

Once linked, Disney will know when you are checking on property and will unlock reservation dates accordingly.

Be sure to do this with your tickets to!

Thanks. I tried to enter the reservation number and it didn’t recognize the Shades of Green number. If I can’t figure it out, I’ll give Disney a call to see what I might do. Any help in getting those advance dining reservations is worth it!

I am 90% sure that SOG doesn’t qualify for the 180+10 - same with Swan/Dolphin (I know for sure with the Dolphin, but last time I stayed at SOG we booked less than 180 days out). At SOG, you also only get to reserve FP at 30 days instead of 60.

“On property” is very loosely used for SOG - basically all you get to take advantage of is EMH. I would also plan to walk to Poly and take the monorail to MK - last time I was at SOG the buses went to TTC, then we had to ferry over. Buses to any other park are fine, though, and I enjoyed knowing that there was a set arrival/departure time.

That was my understanding as well. I was surprised when I got an email from Touring Plans reminding me that I could make my reservations for 10 days as I was staying on property. SOG was entered as my resort. Would love to make them early!

The above is correct. Although “on property”, SOG is not a “Disney Resort”, so you do not get the “+10” on ADRs. Also correct regarding the TTC for MK and EP. I don’t really mind, though. For the MK it’s pretty much 50/50; walk to the Poly and have a stop at the GF or take the express mono direct from the TTC. I actually prefer the ferry to either. And I’ve always enjoyed the mono ride from the TTC to EP. One other “hidden” cost of SOG is that you don’t get free parking at the parks if you drive (plus there’s a $5/night parking fee at SOG). So, when working out cost differences, if you plan on having a car and driving to all of the parks, you kind of have to add $25/night to your “hotel cost”.

I love SOG and have stayed there many times, but for my last big solo trip when I priced things out, with a 30% military discount at POP and the fact that I am in the highest tier for SOG rates, I saved almost $100/day staying at POP - and had the benefits of 180+10 ADRs, 60 day FPPs, free parking, and the “extra” customer service and theming that, quite frankly, are somewhat lacking at SOG.


Thank you for your service. My BF was in the military, and we’re trying to sort out for next June if his service (not retired, just served and discharged) would qualify for Military discount. It doesn’t qualify for the military tickets they offer, but not sure about the room discount.

Active and Retired only qualify for SOG. Once or twice a year they do open it to all Vets, but I’m not sure of the schedule. I think the same applies to room discounts.

As a heads up, SOG is now qualified as a Disney resort for purposes of Fastpass+ 60 days and Reservations 180 days plus length of stay.


Awesome news! I really like SOG, but when the ADR and FPP policy came out, I switched to other “Disney” hotels. SOG is back on my list :slight_smile: