Severe Rain & Hurricanes


How's the weather there? I heard there is a hurricane headed toward Puerto Rico by Tuesday or Wednesday. Reports of rain everyday tbat ill b there. Should i cancel my trip?


By here, do you mean the WDW/Orlando area? If so, today I'm looking outside at the start of a gorgeous sunset. No rain today, although it is a possibility any afternoon in the summer. It's a bit warm at 90 degrees, but the humidity is very low right now.

As far as a hurricane goes, there's a possible tropical depression forming well out in the Atlantic, but that's about all I see on the maps…it isn't supposed to amount to much of anything or get too close to the mainland U.S., though.


I just looked at the next 2 weeks and it looks like usual weather. A chance of rain every day. That was how it was a few weeks ago and I had a great trip.


Hurricane Bertha is projected to go near Bermuda and do a big right curve back out to sea. It rains every day in Florida during the summer. So, if you want to come to WDW in the summer be prepared for rain. It's a pain in the butt when you are in a disney park and the rain pelts you from all sides but then it goes away.


Thanks, I will NOT cancel then. Great advice fellow liners! smile*******