Several Genie+ Questions

All right. I’ve done the research, read the blogs and the Unofficial Guide, but still have a few questions about Genie +. It appears all the wise and knowledgeable experts are here, so can you help?

  1. What if the G+ LL reservation time I am given conflicts with an ADR I’ve already made?

  2. I want to pay for G+ and ILL with my Disney Rewards Card. I don’t think this will be a problem with G+, but I don’t know about ILL. Disney will not let you save a Rewards Card number in the MDE app, only a regular credit card. Therefore I would have to take the time to enter the card number under alternative payments. So, my question is when is the reservation held. When you choose the return time, or when you hit the payment button? Will I have the time to enter that card number and still get my return time?

  3. What’s a good technique for booking a G+ LL, AND an ILL attraction, both at 7:00 am to give me a good chance of getting both?

  4. Anyone got ideas about booking ILL for FOP when you are traveling to the AK at 7:00 am? Since AK opens at 7:30 for resort guests, and I want to be there an hour before opening, I’ll likely be traveling at 7:00 am.

Thanks for the help, guys!

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  1. No clue.

  2. Save your number and ean (I don’t remember if you need it but better safe than sorry) so you just have to copy and paste. Helps with Mobile Ordering too.

  3. Book whichever is most important first, then grab the other.

  4. I’ll be on the bus and doing it from there. If you’re solo and driving, other than pull over and do it, I don’t know.

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I have had the same concerns, and this is my plan:

  1. Don’t let it conflict. Keep refreshing until a later time pops up. Otherwise, I guess it depends. I would try to do the ride and be late for ADR, or try to modify the ADR the night before.

  2. Good question. Not sure

  3. I will have someone else trying from a different MDE account. If I were solo, I would look at thrill data for which one sells out first and book that one first.

  4. I think by traveling you mean you will be on your way to AK at 7. Don’t be. I will try to arrive earlier than 7. If I’m late, I will book in the car, and if I were driving, I’d stop a few minutes prior.

My 2 cents

  1. Nothing happens as the systems does not check LL return times agains ADRs. You might be able to get another return time if you go the GS/blue umbrellas not this is not guaranteed.

Have 1 person in your party book the G+ LL for the entire group riding and another person in your party book the ILL for the entire group riding.