Seven Dwarfs Mine Train & EMH

We are planning to go at RD for AM EMH on a Thursday in October and go straight to 7DMT. TP is stating about a 10 minute wait, which seems great. We are not fast runners so while we can wake up early, there is no way we will be front of pack. Is this a decent plan? Or should we skip it and do it on a FPP I have for later in the week?

My favorite part about 7DMT is the queue. if you can avoid FPP for it, I would. Remember too that the wait time will probably be inflated. The last time I rode it, the posted wait was 60 mins. our actual was somewhere around 20.

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Understand best day to RD 7DMT is am EMH b/c you won’t be behind the breakfast pre-RDrs

I had the same question… Finally decided to do FPP mid-morning. For me, it’s just going to be a safer decision. I’d hate to be mid-pack and end up with a longer wait, which translates into longer waits for every other ride during EMH. With the FPP, I know I won’t have the best wait for 7DMT, but I’ll know what to expect and can plan around that.

Here’s the conversation we had

If you get to the park super early and are willing to miss seeing the welcome show, get all the way up to the right tunnel. CMs will then walk everybody behind a rope to the ride. You won’t have to worry about running

Will it be available for EMH? If so, we are going to do EMH for it in March on a 9 day! I hope to have a FPP for another day during our trip, but I also want to see what happens if you can’t get one. Are you completely out in the cold? We aren’t runners so will try the second right at the castle. Worst case might be best case if @MDU is right. No kids, just us, so we are taking risks LOL

I know it’s open for pm EMH. I don’t even do RD anymore, never mind am EMH. :slight_smile:

Seriously, I know the feeling about RD. But I have a very early rising DH who will likely not make it to PM EMH. Oh well, it’s all good!

We have FP for it, but we are planning riding it on our EMH morning or during the MNNSHP. I want to have the opportunity to see the queue and those might be the best time to do it.

This is my opinion, after being there a month ago. Be at RD, and yes, stay to the right of the castle. It will be more than a 10 minute wait unless you are at the front of the line. RD seems to be the time that the ride is down, so you may not get on it right away in the morning. Don’t stand in line waiting if it’s down. You could be standing for an hour. Get a FP for late morning or early afternoon. The wait throughout the day will be 70 minutes plus. It is open during PM EMH but the line is still super long. They don’t check magicbands, so basically everyone stays in the park, whether they are a resort guest or not.

Technically correct, but they DO scan your bands when you enter a ride queue. So the lines could possibly be shorter in PM EMH.

We did PM EMH last week Saturday and 7DMT was still close to an hour. We rode Splash and BTMRR instead.

PP, I think you’d be OK following the crowd up to the ride if you get there at RD. We did this yesterday AM (non-EMH), and were around middle of the pack on the walk up, and waited 15 minutes or so. The early morning line moves pretty quickly.

And frankly, in October, I think 7DMT will be reasonably manageable anyway.