Settle a dispute (concerning charges on a MB)

Person one says:

Only people staying on site can use their magic band to charge things at restaurants and shops.

Person two says:

Anyone (day guest, passholder, resort guest, etc) with a magic band linked to a card can charge things with the band at restaurants and shops.

Who is correct?

Person one.

There is no credit card linked to the Magic Band - plus or otherwise - ergo, you cannot charge to it.


Only resort guests can charge on a MB if they have charges set up through their resort


but you can mobile order and charge the food via the MDE app if you have that set up to take charges , which means you could MO in many of the shops and charge it that way


Yes, I forgot to add you have to have set up charging to the room.


Only those onsite can charge to a magic band which is actually charging to your onsite room account.


As other posters have said, Magic Band charging requires linking to a card, which is accomplished at the Disney resort one has lodging at.

It is possible to have the MDE / Disney app on one’s phone and have a card stored there. Then you can use the MDE app for mobile ordering/charging.

It might be easy to get the two confused if one hasn’t been to Disney often, or lately.

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