Setting up my wife's iphone with my account

when I log onto my TP site with wife’s phone, I was expecting to see my intineraries, etc, but don’t. How can I set up her phone to see what I see on my phone and my computer?

What are you seeing? Are you opening the website from Safari or the app?

The app. I log in with my name and PW, it recognizes me, but doesn’t show my plans, etc.

Have you seen up a trip associated with your plans? When you go to the home page there is not a header that says, “my trips” and a link to your trip and under that a header that says, “my plans”?

“My Plans” is on both my phone and two separate computers I’ve used to set them up, but “My Plans” is not showing up on my wife’s phone after I log on as “me.”

Maybe it is the app? Did you try to uninstall and reinstall?

This is what mine looks like on my iPhone

I see my plans under my trip and then when I click on my trips the plans are there too

I uninstalled, then reinstalled. It works. I very well may have downloaded the wrong park app the first time…

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