Serveur Amusant and Sergio

Hi! I’m putting together my 3-Day Epcot Extravaganza Touring Plan and I’m not seeing Serveur Amusant or Sergio on the “Choose An Attraction” drop-down menu. Am I missing them somewhere? (Yes, I looked under Parades, Shows & Diversions.)

Do I need to tag someone? @Lentesta?

I just checked, and I see them. Are you using the app or the web interface? I am using the web.

I’m on the web.

E-mail explaining the problem and giving the plan URL.

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I can also see them as selections on a “random” day i chose. They don’t perform every day of the week; not sure if TPs are programmed to that level, but it could be you are looking for them on a day they aren’t performing…

Brian–I think you’ve got it. I checked on another touring plan for another day and they’re on the list. I’m freaking impressed that the program is specific to what is available on a particular day. Not surprised, but absolutely impressed.

You’re all correct. This site rocks for this kind of stuff: Looks like Serveur doesn’t play on Tuesdays & Wednesdays. Sergio is off Friday-Saturday. These schedules can always change, but generally stay fairly consistent, especially at Epcot.

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