Serious help needed with my Hollywood Studios Touring Plan. Galactic Dessert and TSL throwing it off

What Star Wars stuff have you cut?

Only the Launch Bay and meet and greets can be done during the desert party. And I’m not sure that the meet and greets are party exclusive, so there could still be others lin8ng up. Certainly we did them whilst the party was on.

March of the First Order is so much fun. The stage show that follows is less so.

It would. Ale it easier if you published the actual plan, rather than just pasting it into the post. I’m not able to read it just now, it won’t focus if I zoom in on it.

I would seriously consider the Evaluate option rather than Optimise. That way you can do all the TSL stuff first (are you using EMH?) and then move on.

The half day tag is usually used by those that have seen all the shows and don’t see a need to watch them again. The only show we do is Indy, no RnR or ToT and we still find it takes a full day!

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Even before TSL I didn’t think of HS as a 1/2 day park, but I think that is really about shows - people that have been a lot don’t want to see them again, so that cuts a lot of things out.
I am doing HS for EMH the day after MNSSHP and I am determined to make it before RD - but I can see that could be hard with the little’s.
I have had some issues with TP getting me to the show’s I want to see, even if I put in the time I want, so I do the same think with putting in a break or some food place near where I expect to be to force it to move me to the next show.
I would say leave TSL rides where they put them if you are not going to get to the park early.

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Good point.

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Cool- Let me see if I can make it a little easier to read!

1–9:15 FPP Star Tours
2—9:24 Celebrity Spotlight
3—9:40 Toy Story Mania (5 minute wait according to TP)
4—10:15 FPP Slinky Dog Dash
5—10:45 March of the First Order
6—11:20 FPP Tower Of Terror
7—11:48 Alien Swirling Saucers(19 minute wait according to TP)
8—12:15 Hollywood and Vine for 75 minutes
9—1:40pm Beauty and The Beast Live on Stage
10–2:32pm Muppet Vision 3D
Spare Time Here*
11–5:05pm 50’s Prime Time
12–6:07pm For the First Time in Forever Sing Along
13–6:57pm voyage of the little mermaid
14–7:23 Star Wars Popcorn :wink:
15–8:45 Galactic Fireworks

I am working on trying to get a later dinner. I have moved 50’s prime time to 5:45 but am looking for something closer to 6:00pm. I am also looking at replacing lunch with a table service that is not a character meal in the hope it is faster than the H&V character meal. I am on the lookout for SciFi dining with the res finder. If there is a better way to format or share my plan please do let me know.

I am torn but I think I am going to make it happen!

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Quit stalking me yo! I am going to that same party(as we previously established) and I’m trying to make it to HS for RD the next day with a pregnant wife, DD3 and DD5. Race you there! You at Bay Lake Tower as well?

Good point. The shows, especially the princess ones are a priority for us with DD3 and DD5. So I might need to keep that in mind and try to rework my schedule.

LOL - I am at POP - so a longer trip for me :slight_smile:
So you have an advantage there! ummm - however me being alone perhaps does give me a bit of a leg up :joy:

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Also, just FYI, you can click on it to zoom in and that also gives you the option to download it, which makes it much much easier to see. I appreciate the help

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Indeed! I don’t see us making it to RD, which is partly why I am stressing over this plan, but im going to get there as early as I can, hopefully RD.

You might want to block out those confirmation numbers. :grin:

No idea why but it won’t let me download.

For the March, you really want to be back at the crossroads with Sunset Blvd for the best experience. On the way to ToT.

The issue I have is I can’t see when your FP windows start and end, so I don’t know how to best suggest shifting things around. If you go to your plan, there is a button that says “publish this plan”. Clicking on that gives you a URL to paste here. That way we can see what the hours are, what FPs you have etc.

For example, I don’t know if you can fit in Aliens after the March and before ToT because I don’t know what time the ToT FP runs out. Similarly at the start, I would personally skip Olaf then and go straight to TSL after Star Tours. But I don’t know when the relative FP times are for ST and Slinky.

This is what I would do, given you have 2 hours to spare.

  • Try and move the Star Tours FP to sometime between BATB hand Sci Fi.

  • Go straight to TSL and get those rides out of the way.

  • Then do the March and the SW hstage show.

  • ToT then lunch at H & V (just checking you know that’s Minnie and co. Not Disney Jnr at lunch).

  • Then BATB.

  • Then do Star Tours, Olaf, Muppets.

  • See if there’s time for another show before dinner.

  • Then after dinner, do one show and head over to Launch Bay. You might want longer to look at the stuff there than you realise. Or do One Man’s Dream, especially if they are showing the movie about Walt.


Wow! Thanks for catching that. I just deleted the entire plan! I am such a doofus with the forum tech.

Thank you thank you! I am doing that now. Again, doofus here.

Thank you for the help! Finally I know how to properly post a plan! Thanks

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Thank you so much for the tips. I am going to drill down on this tonight with my wife. It is clear to me now that I have not done nearly enough research on Hollywood Studios. Moving fastpasses at this point is going to be challenging. We lost 3 out of four of our party members FPP for our Hollywood Studio day due to a MNSSHP FPP glitch. Disney was able to work it out and give us our FPP back but I am unable to modify them. I will have to call and see if they can help.

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They definitely don’t always pick the youngest. I was the rebel spy on our trip a few years ago and my fourteen year old daughter was the rebel spy yesterday!

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VSo having looked at the plan, this is what I suggest:

Do Star Tours as planned (as you can’t modify the FP, leave it). Skip Olaf just now.

Then go straight to TSL. Do all 3 rides there.

Head over to ToT. Forget the March at this point - there is time later I promise!

Then go for lunch. And then BATB as planned.

You’ll be out at 2:30, so head for the crossroads and get a spot for the March of the First Order. You can take your time, see if the Citizens of Hollywood are around. Get some popcorn … You’ll hear the March starting so you can make a dash for it if necessary. Kerbside is great, as long as you don’t have real scaredy cats ( and if they are, warn them so they can hide behind you if a storm trooper comes over).

Then after the March and the stage show (you’ll be able to follow them up the road behind CMs), head over to Muppets. Meet Olaf before or after.

Then do dinner and the back to back stage shows.

Head over to the party.

The drawback from my POV is that you don’t have time for One Man’s Dream, and you might feel a bit rushed to see the costumes etc from SW. Prioritise the meet and greets though. You have 90 minutes or so. Should be enough. Make sure to get some deserts and a drink!


I’ve also been the Rebel spy and I was definitely not the youngest.

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@Nicky_S thank you so very much for putting the amount of time, thought and effort into this that you have!! You are amazing. You have really calmed my nerves. I am hopefully going to really dig into this tonight with my wife and see what questions we might have but right off the bat, I have one question and 2 comments.

Would it not make more sense to hit TSM first as I don’t have a FPP for it, then back to Star Tours and then back to Toy Story Land? Is that too far apart for it to be a good option?

Thats ok, I am fine cutting it as I think the DD3 and DD5 are probably too young to really enjoy it anyway. It is something I can look forward to on our next trip.

Thats right. The party starts at 7:30pm and the fireworks start at 9:00pm. When I bought the tickets, the fireworks were originally scheduled for 8:30pm but then they changed it, so I am happy about the extra 30 minutes or so.


TSMM vs Star Tours … good point.

If you’re OK going back and forwards then fair enough. It’s not a huge park. But once you’re at TSL, won’t the girls be totally distracted by the giant “back yard”? Might be hard to drag them away.

But yes, you could do that.

OMD - fair dos!

Happy I could help. :slightly_smiling_face: