We are going Sept. 7-16, and haven’t been since 2011. It will be my husband and 17 year old son this time. We have 8 day park hopper plus tickets, and staying at CSR. It seems that the crowds have increased tremendously in 8 years! What are the chances of seeing all of the headliner rides without too much pre-planning?

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Just curious - why not pre-planning for headliners rides?

I know that some people resist planning on which days to do which parks, etc but with 8 days of park tickets it seems like you should have done some pre-planning. At least for FPP.

We were hoping to just go with the flow this trip. I’m thinking in order to ride the headliners that this won’t be possible though.

I’d probably just go with my FPP each day then wing it the rest of the time. With 8 days you shave enough time in each park to FPP your headliners.

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That time of year with 8 days you can definitely do everything without too much planning, it’s just you’ll waste a lot of time in lines. The newest headliners may still get 1.5-2 hr lines. A little planning and good use of fpp will free up time for repeat rides, swimming, etc.

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