September Trip

Hey guys! Hope everyone is staying safe! I feel selfish for even typing this because I know I shouldn’t even be worried about this but honestly our Disney trip puts a smile on my face so I figured here’s the place to talk about it!
We had to move our trip from May to September- we usually go in September so I’m familiar with the crowds. I know September is usually a low crowd month but talking to the Disney reservation people they think this September is going to be INTENSE! We’re going the 11-17. What are yalls thoughts???

Again I hope everyone is staying safe and sane and that we’re all at Disney again soon!


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It’s possible that the influx of national people who have to reschedule to this time will be balanced out by fewer international visitors.

Good point! Thank you

We are hoping for the best but planning for the worst. If we don’t have to reschedule again I’ll consider it a win!

This is really hard to say. No doubt there are going to be more people that rescheduled their summer trips to the fall. However, we don’t yet know what the situation will be then. Will international travel still be banned? Will people in the US feel comfortable getting on a plane? With all the people losing jobs, will people have the $ to go to WDW? And the scariest question, will it still be closed.

No one knows the answer to any of these. I believe that if it is open pent up demand and the lack of many people’s ability to travel may cancel each other out.

Another variable will be that schools will (fingers crossed!) be in session in Sept. Even though I’m sure there will be more parents pulling kids out of school for rescheduled trips it’s not going to be like spring/holiday breaks or summer. I can’t imagine how crazy winter break is going to be.

That should be our new motto. Can’t tell you how many times I’ve said this in last couple of weeks.

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I suggest looking at this blog post from TP. It helps. Of course it is guesswork, but then…it is much like in Star Trek IV when Spock is worried about unknowns and Kirk basically says he trusts Spock’s best guess more than anyone else’s facts. :slight_smile:


@ryan1 I think if I read this answer, I would have known it was yours without even seeing your name :):wink:

Hi Everyone.

Unfortunately I am working from home - for me not much different from working in the office. I made my booking for WDW last April (free dining) for September 2020 (2nd to 23rd) so hope travel will be OK and parks will be open. China starting to open up after 2 1/2 months. Any how just to give my travel experience over the last few months booked to go to Venice (September) for mid November to celebrate DW birthday - Aqua Alta flooding immediately before arrival. Loads of people cancelled and we had a great time not too crowded and only standard high water. For those of you who live in a continental interior the sea goes up and down (tides) Venice flooding was 6ft above normal high tide which is no way normal. I live on an island with a 40ft difference between high tide and low tide!
Early March this year we did a 5 day trip to New York (booked in January) took precautions when travelling - hand sanitizer and wiping down cabin area with hospital wipes on flights. Had a great time but all the tourist attractions not doing any sort of distancing etc that was already starting in Europe. Made it back home just before travel restrictions started.
DD a student nurse so may be deployed to front line and DW is a hospital worker but washing hands and being careful makes all the difference.

Be safe out there.