September trip to Wizarding World

Hello. We’re planning a one day trip to Wizarding World 2nd wk of Sept (crowd level 2). Daughter is 9. Only want to tour Harry Potter – want to fit in IOA and USD in one day. Staying in WDW so no early admission! Is this doable? Any suggestions? Thanks!!

If you subscribe to the Universal side of the app. Then go online you will be able to access tp for 1 day HP. It is doable but you will only get wwohp done plus 1-2 other things. WWOHP is not about the rides its about theming food drinks shows etc. You will need a subscription to access I think

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Thank you! I have signed up and looked at the plans. We will limit ourselves solely to WWOHP. The wait times listed on the touring plans for that date are pretty low – so low I don’t know if I can trust them. Was wondering if from other people’s experiences at that time of year whether the line waits (even at the stores) made it too much of an ordeal or not (but last September was special since USF’s WWOHP had just opened). We were going to start at IOA (since can’t avail ourselves of early admission at USF since not staying at an Orlando resort). I also thought to go light and not to take any bags that need checking in lockers. We’d like to do everything EXCEPT Dragons (I think too intense for our daughter). Again, if anyone has any thoughts about best strategy, I’d appreciate it!

Early Sept is one of the best times to visit, if you follow our 2 park Wizarding World plans you should be just fine. If you are having an issue with the personalized plans, please email for support.

I always like it when I see @Skubersky’s icon in the “Users” section of a post - that means that there will be a good answer to the question that I probably want to pay attention to!

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Yes. Thank you. I just checked out all his posts and his advice is fantastic.

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Hi, I know this is an old thread, but I was wondering if @pittypoo had any advice since going? We are doing 1 day in December, no early entry, and only want Harry Potter. Thanks!