September Trip and Mickey's Halloween Party

My family is taking a long overdue trip to DLR September 19-23. We have never been to MHP before and most of the advice I see online is either from 2015 or WDW (or both). Here are my questions:

  1. Do we know the dates for MHP yet? WDW dates were released already, but I cannot find DLR dates.
  2. I’m reading advice that Tuesdays are the better days to go, but that’s WDW advice. That doesn’t necessarily ring true for DLR. What are the best dates (less crowded) to go?
  3. Can you arrive three hours early like at WDW?


  1. DLR usually releases their dates in July I think. It seems to be always later than WDW releases their schedule.

  2. Not sure, sorry.

  3. Yes

That helps. Thanks!

DL has less parties overall and they all will sell out. So pick whatever works for your schedule.
Yes you can get in 3 hours early. School night parties usually start at 6, non school night at 7.