September plans

Coming from the UK in September and had booked before the SWGE date was announced and we were hoping for a quiet spell… oh well

Anyway, I had created all of my touring plans but with all of the EEMH I think I’m going to have to start over. We are staying on site and have a 2 year old so we are more than likely going to head to parks super early and back for naps for us all when it gets really busy and hot

Is there a way I can get a list on what is going to be open in these extra hours? I tried optimising the plans that I had but it didn’t work out too well. Think my strategy will be do as many rides as possible in the extra hours, book fast passes for 9,10,11 snacks/lunch then head back to CBR

what is everyone else who’s onsite in September planning?

The only park that really has these EEMH is Hollywood Studios. Both AK and MK will have daily EMH, with normal attraction openings (for MK that’s Fantasyland and Tomorrowland).

I think it’s safe to assume that TSL, ToT, RnR and probably Star Tours will be open, as well as Galaxy’s Edge. I say probably Star Tours, because that will be kinda blocked by the queue inside the park, so they may decide to not run it during the extra 3 hours in the morning.

We were at HS July of 2018 not long after Toy Story Land opened. EMH was 7 am. We got to the park abt 6:10 and it was already open! A CM was leading most everyone to Toy Story Land. We headed toward Tower of Terror which was open. Rock’n’Roller coaster was not. But idk why.
We did Toy Story Mania a bunch of times - walk on. The horde were doing the other two rides. After Mickey Head ice cream we went to Star Tours. Probably, by now it was after regular park opening, I don’t recall what time it was. I do recall noticing the time and thinking it’s only (whatever) and we’ve done so much.

We’re at WDW in Sept and I’m hoping it’s similar for non Star Wars Land attractions. I’m expecting busier but hoping for not crazy.