September park hours extended?

We usually visit in June when there are extended park hours. Taking a trip in September and I see that with the exception of Epcot, the closing times are around 8 pm. (TP has dropped their crowd level numbers again.)

How likely is it that the closing times will be extended for Mid September? I am trying to plan for the possibility of hours being extended and trying to grab FOP or SDD FP+ in advance during that last (extended) hour.

We also have a HEA Dessert Party planned so wondering if that might be pushed back and if so, will we be notified of a different reservation time or just have to watch posted times?

In my experience, when MK hours have been extended HEA time has stayed the same. They will usually add a Once Upon a Time show after HEA.

September hours most likely will be updated around August 13-15.

I am going the last weekend of September and I am really hoping for extended hours! I looked at the historical crowds and opening times and usually, all Saturdays in September in MK were closing at 11pm-midnight. So I am expecting (hoping!) history repeats itself.

Last year, I did a similar thing (looked at historical crowds for November) and it was pretty spot on.