September or November?

Been planning a possible trip first part of December. But a change of plans for an out of town family early christmas celebration looks to change it. And I just can’t imagine going christmas week… So looking at earlier So need thoughts on September (17-22). Or November (17-22)???

Would you be interested in either The Halloween or Christmas Party?

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Yes!! I think we would do whichever month we go. Ds will be 7.

Love mnsshp and I bet your ds7 would too :wink: I’m a fan of sept over nov just because I like smaller crowds… It’s hot and swimming is always an option too! (We live in fl so sometimes swimming in nov is too cold!) either one would be fun if course :wink: happy planning

September! Much better shot at free dining.

I’d go in November. September’s still hot and humid, so I’d expect better weather in November. I’d also rather see the parks with the Christmas decorations than the Halloween decorations. Osborne Lights will be running, too, if the Studios isn’t completed covered by construction walls by then.

I’ve been in both September and November and I would pick September hands down! Crowds are so much lighter and yes, it is hot, but I want it to be warm when I go to Florida (I’m from Pennsylvania). We did November this past year and we were cold most of the trip. I enjoyed the Halloween party so much more than the Christmas one too.

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