September hours for DAK

When the summer slows down. Do you think the night time parades and entertainment in DAK won’t happen as closing times are 5pm - 6pm.?? Help please as I went last year and really don’t want to miss the new river lights when it starts or the jungle book show on the water…

The night time activities are considered “permanent” additions, so there should be PM hours. RUMOR is that RoL may be running by then, but this uncertainty is why Disney hasn’t released updated hours yet.

What are your dates ? I thought they jumped the hours to 7:00-7:30 a couple of weeks ago, but it seems as if another increase should be coming?

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Yeah, my Sept dates currently have the same 7:30 close time for HS and AK. There will be night time stuff in AK. I’m just planning “show/fireworks here” and have lunch as the main meal on those days since it’s harder to time an ADR around the uncertainty.

Before the SW Fireworks I have been to the world in October and HS closed before it really hot dark. One of my favorite things to do is to ride ToT at night. I love when the doors open and you can look out at the park and see all those glowing lights. It will be interesting to see if they expand the hours or limit the fireworks.

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I’m betting that you’ll see hours adjusted in a few more weeks.

I wouldn’t count on a smooth transition between Jungle Book and RoL. AK might have a quiet time between the two. There are lots of conflicting rumours around.

That’s a good point. I’ve wondered how long it may take for ROL to actually start running after they stop Jungle Book.

I saw this today

AK is closing early on a number of September nights for DVC events.