September Early Morning Magic

Hi! Does anyone remember when September EMM for Fantasyland opened for booking? I’m hoping to book for October and was just curious when September opened so I can have some sort of potential expectation for Oct. Thanks!

I was actually wondering if they would still offer it. I am hoping so because it has always been such a low crowd level event anyway and it would get money back in Disney’s pocket…but I also know alot of other hard ticket events are iffy right now.
I have a trip planned for September and I remember on my 180 day mark for ADRs it was there to be booked.

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Ya, I mean that’s where my thought process has been, will they offer it in October? I thought it was hopeful that they had it open for September, but there seem to be no signs of movement for October at all. My 180 days for the latter half of October was a couple of weeks ago now. I will just keep checking!

It seems like a relative win-win, extra $$ for Disney and extra rides on my kids favorites. We wanted to do it last fall but got EEMH instead which also worked out pretty well, but my DS4 would be thrilled to ride 7DMT 5 times in a row!