September Crowds - Will they be higher than usual?

Our wedding anniversary is May 26, we have a Universal trip planned. My Southwest flight for May 25-29 got changed today. The flight out from Grand Rapids got changed to Baltimore Washington… yeah, that’s not a comparable flight. I am on hold with Southwest… and I SHOULD be able to change back to a flight from Grand Rapids… but I am wondering, should I just bite the bullet and reschedule to September? I am so bummed to reschedule because I got SUCH amazing prices on this May trip. But it looks like Septembers crowds are typically 1’s and 2’s at Universal which means we could book Cabana Bay without express passes and save money there.
The thing is, do you think with everyone rescheduling that the crowds won’t actually be that low? I would hate to get there and have it be swamped and regret not having the Express Passes. I was looking forward to not having to plan this vacation… just being able to go on whatever we wanted whenever.

It’s hard to say right now. With school in session in Sept I think the amount of people rescheduling will be lower than most think it will be. Pulling kids out of class wont be an option with the amount of school already missed this year. I’m fairly confident it will be as close to a normal Sept as it can be. Good luck and see ya there!

You make a good point! I will have to talk to DH and see what he thinks.
Have a lovely trip as well!

DH isn’t sure about re-scheduling yet. I am reluctant as well, since our May trip is scheduled on our anniversary. Plus, DH is looking for a teaching job right now, and despite his terrible luck so far, it’s possible he would be teaching at a University starting this Fall. He wouldn’t be able to take time off if that were the case. Ughh, this is so stressful!
I could just book a room at Universal for September, which would be a very small deposit and fully refundable. But the flight would be up in the air… I don’t known if I want to pay to book a second “just in case” flight.

EDIT: We decided to keep the May flights at this time. I booked a room at Cabana Bay for Sept 14-18 in case we need to reschedule. We will wait and see.

I think the parks even being back open in Sept is optimistic…


I sure hope that is not the case… but we shall see! I would guess there is about a 90% chance we will be cancelling our May trip. Or it will be cancelled for us more like…

I don’t think anyone knows what the parks will look like in 1 month, 3 months, 6 months. When they reopen, if they fully reopen, or only partial capacity, etc. How people will plan/replan trips and what travel restrictions/recommendations will be in place.

It’s all a guess. We moved our late March/early April spring break trip to mid-October…I wouldn’t put the odds at better than 50/50 that trip even happens.

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Yes, no one knows. Even medical professionals are only guessing, with the help of computer model projections.
I wish you luck for your October trip!

Not to disappoint you, but I would put those chances at more like 99%.

September has so many unknowns so I don’t think anyone really has a sense of what CL will look like:

Will the park be open then?
Lower CL due to people not wanted kids to miss more school?
Lower CL due to people being in worse financial condition?
Lower CL due to risk of virus even if parks reopen?
Higher CL due to rescheduling of April and May trips?

In any event, I hope that whenever you do get to go, you have a wonderful anniversary trip.

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Yeah, I almost put 99% but I’m trying to stay optimistic lol. And thank you! I’m sure we will have a great anniversary trip, even if delayed.

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FWIW i have a TP subscription for Universal with plans to go over Veterans week in November. The crowd levels for Saturday November 7th is currently at 10. Prior to all this, I don’t exactly remember but was at maybe 5-6.

Yeah, I am guessing September might be up slightly, but with kids/students just getting back in school/college, it probably won’t be as big of an increase I am hoping. I wish you luck in November though!

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Totally agree, we may be looking at 2021

I’m guessing the crowds will be very low - because I doubt the parks will be open by September.

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