September at Disney

Hey everyone. Thinking about going to Disney in September. My plan is Epcot on the 6th, Magic Kingdom on the 7th and Animal Kingdom on the 8th. We are staying off site, so we are staying away from parks with EMH.

Is there a question?


Have a great time! You’re heading to WDW in the lowest crowds possible so it’s a great time to be there. Just be sure to take a poncho along. You’ll possibly get monsoon type rains in the afternoon. Don’t head back to your hotel! Just poncho up and keep going! Have a great time!

We live here in Orlando, and we are also planning several days in September. It should be very hot temperature wise, so prepare to drink a lot of water and sweat a lot while you are here. If you plan to drink a lot and don’t mind being sweating with the rest of us, you should have a great time! The heat is easier to deal with in September due to the lower crowds, but you will be sweaty. Unless we have fluke weather. This week it was cool because of the rains that we got bringing in a cold front.

I always go in September! In my opinion it’s the best time of year. In fact, my favorite trip ever was when a hurricane came through in the middle of our week! The day we went to Epcot was very rainy. The outer rain bands were coming through, so we’d have periods of very heavy rain, followed by dryness for maybe 30 minutes. The park was DESERTED and we walked on to everything! Yeah it made Test Track tricky, since it goes outside, but the rest of the park was perfect. We just wore ponchos and had the park practically to ourselves. The park closed early (the hurricane was forecast to actually come through overnight, which it did) but with the low crowd, we did everything.

As forecast, the hurricane came through overnight. (Hurricane Jeanne in 2004.) The next day all parks were closed. Then the following, we again had a deserted park practically to ourselves! We went to Hollywood Studios and even though the weather was absolutely perfect, everyone had gone home before the hurricane. They let us take shortcuts from ride exits back to the entrances so we got to ride Tower of Terror over and over again! Perfect day! I hope for a hurricane every trip now! :smiley: We are going the week of 9/24 this year and I’m super excited!!