September 8th Early Closing

I noticed that Touring Plans has a predicted 5:00 pm closing for September 8th. Does anyone know why that might be? That seems to be really early.

My guess would be that they need the extra time to put the finishing touches on Halloween Time at Disneyland which begins the next day, September 9th. I suspect there may be closures for Hyperspace Mountain (conversion into Ghost Mountain), and Haunted Mansion (conversion to the Tim Burton theme) between September 6 (the end of the 60th Anniversary Celebration) and September 8 … hard to know for sure for the next week or so because the formal refurbishment schedule only projects 6 weeks in advance.

Is the Tim Burton overlay at Halloween too or just Christmas? I was planning on going in October and would love to see the Nightmare Before Christmas overlay!!

DL’s closed early due to annual CM Legacy awards or Service Appreciation party. HM is closed Aug 22-Sept 8 and Hyperspace closed Sept 6-8 to install overlays. HM holiday overlay will still be there through first week of January 2017.