September 2016 Meet Ups

I was wondering if there has been any meet ups set for September 2016 yet?

Hi, September Liners!

Please list below dates, times, & places for meet ups during the month of September. I’ll try to keep a list going on here for all of us to know.

Also my dates are September 24-28th. 24th-Broadwalk(PM) / 25th-Kinda Open / 26th-AK / 27th-AKL Resort Day / 28th-Heading out. Let me know if anyone wants to meet.

Monday, Sept 19 @ 7:30pm - Epcot, Beet Cart in UK Area
Tuesday, Sept 20 @ 7pm - MK, In front of Haunted Mansion
Thursday, Sept 22 @ 8:45pm - AK, by the Tree of Life

****** Needs updated information

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When is your trip?

Sept 24-28th

There are some questions on FB about it.

I just looked! The only meet ai know if is that same one - the 1st MNSSHP at 7:00 in front of HM. There is also an 8:00 inside the SW dessert party the next night. I believe there may be a Crew’s Cup meet that weekend too.

Okay. What do you think about staring a meet up list on here since their are so many non liners on FB?

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Perfect place and thread for it!

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I am not on facebook so here would be good.

I will be home from sept 12-20th. Always looking to meet a liner.


When is the first night of MNSSHP?

My fan arrives Sept 3 and leaves out the 10th. is there anything scheduled the 5th-9th?

September 2nd

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How abut epcot 9/19 at 730pm at the beet cart in uk area?

My trip is the 12th - 19th. Attending food and wine on Thursday, and MNSSHP on Friday the 16th. I’m traveling solo, so it would be great to meet other liners, and spend some time with like minded folks.

Cool, that’s about the same time I will he there 12th - 19th!

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We will be there 9/17-9/23. Attending Club Villian on 9/17, MNSSHP on 9/18, and Star Wars Dessert party on 9/21. There was talk on lines of a meeting at AK on 9/22, but no definite times or plans that I saw.

We will be there 9/25-10/2. SW dessert party 9/25. MNSSHP on 9/29. Any meets during this time frame? Thanks.

There is a meet on 9/3 so far. I’ll update the list as I receive them. :slight_smile:

If anyone finds out, let me know & I’ll update it. :slight_smile:

I hadn’t seen anything about a meet at the first party (but it makes sense since a lot of us are going) because I just joined the September group (my trip starts in August, so I was jsut in the August group) but it just so happens that I was planning on heading back to HM around 6:30 to start our Halloweening, so 7 sounds great!

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I think it is that so many of us are on chat and the first party meet was set up there. There was a thread calling for Labor Day liners and then the meets evolved (ones I posted at the top). We hope to get a photo- can you make 7:00 at HM?

@smcsalters There has also been some talk of meeting at HS on 9/3 during the afternoon for those not going to the dessert party. Around 3:30 ish I think. No specific place has been chosen. @VFLnSFD has also posted she will be at the place that shall not be named for either lunch or dinner on 9/4 and thought it would be fun for others to join.