Sept 3rd Early Morning Magic

Hi all,

It seems as if the Early Morning Magic reservations are all booked up for September 3rd. I would LOVE to be alerted if there are any cancellations. Does anyone know if this is possible? I’m looking for something similar to the dining reservation alerts that can be set up through touring plans.


Are you sure it’s booked up? I’m sure that’s a busy time (I think something’s opening around then?? Maybe?? :wink: ) BUT… the past few months, the calendar dates have turned blue/became clickable but still showed no availability. Then a few days later, the availability opens up. So if it just turned blue on the calendar, that could be the issue.

This happened to me for my June EMM date. The day the calendar date turned blue and was clickable, it said no availability. I called Disney and the CM said Oh, well it must already be full. I pressed her to check if it was full and she said Oh wow! You’re right. It shows 0 bookings. Sure enough, 24 hours later I was able to book it. If i were you, I would call and ask them to really look if it’s full (not just assume because they can’t book it themselves). If it’s not, check back every day until availability is released.

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Other than checking the WDW website or calling, I don’t think there is a way to check for EMM cancellations. I would check everyday. Last year, I was able to eventually get tix for a dessert party which was sold out when I initially checked. Of course, I later cancelled my tix too (my daughter decided she didn’t want the noise of fireworks) so that opened it up for someone else.

Call. I called and booked that date last week. Couldn’t book anything online. It’s possible it’s sold out. But don’t wait on Disney technology. Call and make sure.

Ugh! Unfortunately I was trying to AVOID that little something opening around that time by booking in September. :disappointed_relieved: I’m calling now!

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Let us know what they say!

She said that she there’s not that many reservations in there and they probably haven’t released all of the availability yet, so keep checking everyday :slight_smile: She wasn’t able to book me. I’ll keep checking!


Good news!! Check 3 times a day!

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Or do like ive been doing with dessert parties and check every few minutes and drive yourself crazy.


In the same vein, does anyone know how early DAH dates are posted? We’re also going in September and I know they usually post these dates MUCH closer to time (60 days out? 30?) but I’d love to try and book an after hours night and just scrap our entire HS day due to crowds.

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That’s good to hear! Hope you are able to book when they open more availability up.