Separate TP with thrill rides for DH!

Hello. DS5 and I don’t like thrill rides but DH loves, loves them. The bigger the drops the better. I’d like to do a parallel touring plan for DH that allow him to split off at times to ride them while DS and I are close by doing something else. Or DS can play in the queuing area if it has a nice one. So far, I have the following list of rides that I’ve read about that will be fun but still keep him dry.

MK: Space Mountain
Studios: Rock n Roller Coaster, Tower of Terror
AK: Expedition Everest

I didn’t see anything for Epcot. What do you think? Am I missing something?

Test Track!!

Oh and Mission Space Orange

Oh. Gotta read up on those. Thanks.

@mALYficent I don’t think DH will like test track but Mission Space Orange looks like a winner. Thanks for your help. :smile:

Test Track is super fun, what do you think he wouldn’t like about it? Another one to check into is Sum of all Thrills. You design your own roller coaster and a simulator takes you through it

I was going to say Sum of all Thrills too. One of my husband’s favorites!

DH likes elevation changes, drops. Test track doesn’t seem to have any of it.

Sum of All Thrills is a winner too. Thanks!

Strange that it’s not listed on MDE app … so didn’t look into it

I think Test Track is boring but I’m very much in the minority. It does have a single rider line if your DH wanted to try it.

Rock n roller coaster also has a single rider queue that he could use.