Seniors at Disney/Universal

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Planning a trip to Florida from the UK next April. Party of 6 - 2 seniors (>70), 2 adults and 2 kids (11 and 14). We have been before so fairly comfortable with what our general approach will be and will be making use of those Touring Plans of course!

I would be interested in advice and top tips though for our seniors (the in-laws), they are ok on their feet and wouldn’t be seen dead on a mobility scooter however I’m aware that a full day on their feet is going to be difficult - what I am after is any tips on good places to sit and rest, places to avoid, any easy ways to get around the parks etc.

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Although not a senior, our last visit my wife was pregnant with twins (6 months) and was probably as mobile as the seniors you are talking about. She had a great trip. When tired we would find her a great bench or outside seating area to sit and people watch while my the 5 year old and I rode rides that weren’t appropriate for an expecting mother. We saw more shows than we probably would have, which gave a good amount of breaks too. We also accompanied her to the room some days late afternoon and she stayed back to read and relax as we went back until closing time.

All in all, she had a different but still wonderful trip. I think it would be similar for able bodied seniors that just don’t have the stamina they used to. People watching at Disney can be worthy of Tier 1 FP at times.

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At Epcot, the 10+ minute 360-surround movies at the China & Canada pavilions are standing… except they do have a bench at one end of the room for those who need it. The show in the France pavilion is seated. MK Hall of Presidents, HS Muppet 3D, HS Beauty and the Beast, HS Indiana Jones… we enjoyed all of these very much.

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You probably already noticed this, but you can set your touring plan to minimize walking.

Also, If you happen to be staying club level, the extra FP you can buy (as of now, anyway) really allow you to see just as much but avoid backtracking. I really think that’s going to keep me from having to rent a scooter, (which I did last time).

I practice “preventive sitting” which is sitting down even if I really don’t need to yet, on the theory that there are only so many hours a day I can spend on my feet. So take advantage of every sitting opportunity, anytime you’re not actually moving.

Older people tend to be early risers & you are coming from the UK so take advantage of morning EMH and rope drop.

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