Senior parent flying in early -- which hotel?

For reasons too complicated to explain, my 72 year old mom is flying in a night early for our Disney vacation. She’ll be able to check in to her room at the Contemporary on Saturday at 3pm but is now planning to fly in Friday night. So she needs a reasonably priced room that is logistically simple (easy travel from the airport to the hotel and from the hotel to the Contemporary) and probably has either dining options or is walkable to food etc. We will probably get her a car service or taxi. Should she stay near the airport? At another Disney resort? I would appreciate any help!

If she stayed at a WDW resort, she could take the MDE directly there.This would have the added benefit of not having to claim her own luggage at the airport. In the AM, she could have bell services arrange to move her luggage to the CR, and there are any number of transportation options to get from wherever she is staying to the CR. Any one of the Values or Mods would have a food court that she could walk to. I don’t know if she has any mobility issues, but I might avoid CBR or POR as they are very spread out and getting to the food court would be more of an effort.

Is she flying into MCO? If so, she may be able to get a room at the Hilton (or is it a Hyatt?) right at the airport. Then she could take the MDE the next day to Contemporary.

I would suggest the Hyatt Regency that is in the main terminal at MCO airport. you have access to the all the airport food court and they also offer room service and a decent menu. We stayed there once when we flew in a day early before our Disney trip. We grabbed our luggage and went straight upstairs to the hotel.
The next day we went back downstairs to the Magical Express to our Disney hotel.

That’s the one I was thinking of as well. My daughter and her dad stayed there when they flew down for their Disney Cruise last summer, before they took the Express to the port.

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Same, I would suggest the Hyatt. That way your options are open - she can wait for you or she can possibly get on the Express (although I would confirm with Contemporary to make sure she can) I don’t see it as an issue - but worth checking. There is PLENTY to do there - it is easy. Even if it is a bit more expensive - I think the whole experience will be a bit more relaxing.

She should have no problem taking DME on her check-in day, regardless of when she actually arrived at MCO. We’ve done it, such as before or after a non-Disney cruise out of Port Canaveral. We just tell DME a flight arrival or departure time for a real flight which had timing that works, but we didn’t really take.