Sending water and groceries to room?

So after booking my stroller with the company in Orlando that will deliver cases of water for a significant mark-up, I got to thinking. I would like to ship cases of water and even some groceries (non-perishable) to my resort to arrive just before I do. Can this be done? I would save a ton using my Amazon Prime membership to send myself water and trail-mix, protien bars, breakfast bars etc…

Yes you absolutely can, lots of Liners do it! Just make sure you use the resort’s physical address and not the general “mailing depot” address. Also be aware that the Conference resorts may charge a fee when you pick up your package - CSR and Swolphin come to mind.

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Yes, I sent an Amazon Pantry box to our resort. I included snacks, diapers, shampoo, etc. - those boxes can hold a lot! I placed the order 5-6 days before our arrival date. I found this on another thread that was helpful when filling out the shipping address:
Ship to:
My Name GUEST #4#########9 arrive 2/24/15 (enter your reservation number there)
c/o Disney’s Bay Lake Tower front desk (or whatever your resort is)
4600 North World Drive (confirm address of your resort
Lake Buena Vista, FL 32830-8413
United States
Phone: ##########


Here is a blog post with all the info you need to know about shipping to your WDW resort


This is brilliant! And if the package arrives a day before I do, the resort will hold it? We are staying at YC.

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Yes, the resort will hold it for you.

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Awesome! This is going to save me a TON! Thanks guys!

Does anyone know what the fee is for a conference resort?

I think in the neighbourhood of $10-15?

We paid $10 at BLT/Contemporary this past February. ($10 for them to hold our Amazon Pantry box. They didn’t charge anything to handle our Garden Grocer order.)

Thanks for the great link!