Sell me on changing to POFQ through!

Ok so we got a one time use Orbitz code for another 20% off the fall RO discount price for our trip. We’re currently booked in a POR RR and it was honestly not enough of a savings for me to cancel and rebook in the same room type.

However, if we change to a garden view room at POFQ it’ll save us about $450 which would be nearly half our food budget.

It’s the first real vacation we’ve had in the five years we’ve been together so I really wanted it to be special hence the Royal Room. It’s just two adults with no kids. I know i’ll be losing the MYW package stuff but really there was only a little chance we might have popped into DQ since it was free and maybe used up the arcade card.

We’re 100 days out so I won’t lose any ADR’s and we’ve still got plenty of time to order tickets from UT in time to get them linked and ready for FPP booking.

My biggest concerns are that it’s a hassle to deal with Orbitz to get all the right numbers, the POFQ rooms on the Disney site look really, really plain compared to the RR’s, and I’ll have to deal with refunds back to my CC and the Disney GC i used. When we got our Disney Visa i specifically requested a low limit and the refund will be more than the actual limit on the card so i’m not sure how they will handle that and don’t want to tie up a bunch of money in a 8-10 week refund nightmare.

So… have you stayed in both? Or really love one or the other… convince me quickly because I only have a few days to use this code.

I have staying in both. First off both are nice resorts and within a 10-15 minutes walk of each other. Both share boats to DTD, and you can pool hop. So activities are basically shared.

For me I like POFQ better because it is smaller, and the bus line seemed shorter to me. POFQ has only one bus stop, POR has three I think maybe more, it has been a long time.

The room theming may be a little simple at POFQ especially compared to a royal room, but they are nice.

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I would keep the reservation you have, especially if you’ve already paid it off. Orbitz sounds like a hassle to me. Plus, the Royal Rooms look like a lot of fun. Save POFQ and using a huge discount for another trip.

I haven’t paid it off but I was about to, I’ve been funnelling little payments from our non Disney account to lower the price when I did get around to paying for it. Is it dumb to even be thinking about whether the room is ugly? Lol… we’ll be commando touring the majority of the time.

That’s just an opinion though. You’ll have a great time no matter what you do. $450 is great savings, so if you decide to go that route it will be nice to have money in your pocket. I’m just saying that there’s nothing wrong with sticking with the plan you already have. My husband says “We have a plan - stick to the plan” ALL THE TIME. He’s kind of right. Sometimes I tend to make things more complicated than they need to be when I’m anxiously awaiting something big (like a trip) because I get bored and wound up about it all.


It’s not dumb! I think it’s perfectly valid to choose the room you want for this trip, especially since you’ve been working so hard to plan it. Maybe think of the trip you already have booked as the bird in the hand and the Orbitz deal as the 2 in the bush. On the other hand (too many hands!) if you decide to switch, then that’s OK too.

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RR to me as an adult was nothing more than a few different decorations (for the worst IMO made it more childlike) but the location of the RR was awesome. French Quarter is a little bit more of a cramped resort where everything is on top of each other but if walking around at the resort annoys you then it may be ideal.

The $450 savings is nice and usually FQ is more money so that to me would be the deal maker. $450 at this point is extra cash for food, fun, and beverages why not try FQ.

I’m really glad you’re getting recommendations for both scenarios @Outer1. You really can’t make a bad choice here. Do what you want to do.

I’m probably seriously overcomplicating things lol.

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POFQ for us. Think you had me at a 450 savings though. Might as well stay an extra day at those savings.

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I’d go with POFQ, mainly for the amount of money you’ll be saving. Plus, you said you won’t be spending that much time in the room.

I would definitely do POFQ. Have done both and much prefer size of FQ, especially if using the buses. I have used Orbitz to book multiple trips and have never had any difficulties at all with linking, changing, or cancelling a reservation. It was very easy and their online chat support has been quick and very easy when I needed it.

I thought the atmosphere outdoors at POFQ – beautiful buildings, gardens, fountains, lighting – was just amazing and soooo romantic. :heartbeat:

Have you made a decision @Outer1?

@Sally, that totally sounds like my husband. He even actually believes that if it is written in pen that makes it final! I also agree with you that he is probably right most of the time and that I need to just let be and quit overthinking.

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It actually drives me NUTS when he says it, but he’s usually right. :slight_smile: I’m glad I’m not the only one.

I have stayed at POR 6 times and the RR twice. Change to FQ. I always thought FQ was ugly, then I walked into the lobby! The resort is beautiful! The buses are so much better at FQ! I found myself getting onto the FQ bus at MK and walking to POR.

No. I am running on four hours sleep so I’m going to decide tomorrow lol.

You didn’t think the rooms themselves w were ugly?

No, but I do not care for AB!

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