Self-Serving Countdown Thread


I haven't seen a lot of countdown threads lately - my apologies if they're yesterday's news or considered forum clutter. smile But... I'm doing the double digit dance today and needed to share! 99 days until WL and AK - KV for an anniversary trip! Anyone else planning to be in the World over MLK weekend 2015?


Of course you can start a countdown thread! I'm always happy to share that I have 51 days and 3 hours left lol.

Once you hit under 100 it starts to go by even faster!


I'm at 2!! My mom and I have been planning this trip for over a year It's my kids first trip, I got an amazing deal at the GF, and we are so so excited!


I miss the countdown thread too. I also think it's nice to have a daily thread outside of La Cava so that people who are new Forum users have a fun and easy way to do enough posts to qualify to access La Cava. If you (or anyone!) would like to do a daily countdown thread, that would be great. I just had too much on my plate to keep it up after @Steve1 stopped doing it here.

Oh, and my countdown is 26 today. Squeeeee!!!!


22 days for me!! And hopefully 255 days from now as well (fingers crossed)!


Love me a countdown thread! 118 days here.


WOO HOO! 53 for me (well if going by Outer's calendar 52 and some hours!)


18 days to Hunnymoon 2


38 days until our Triple-Birthday Anniversary Thanksgiving Extravaganza!!


Ours is still long but entered a new decade today 259. 252 until we land on usa soil.


92! Or precisely 3 months! I've been once before, but the family has never been - AND they don't know about it yet, so my 3 months are an extra special dose of sweet agony.


Love a countdown.... We are finally at 9 till mnsshp and our first stay at WL!!! So excited!!!!