Selection of Pastries @ BOG

What exactly is in the “selection of pastries” at the BOG breakfast? Is it always the same or does it rotate? How many pastries are there? I’m wondering if my kids will eat them.

Tons of photos if you google it and it looks like this is standard.

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Thanks!! Boy are you quick!

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I can’t do much but I can google :joy::joy:

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Undercover Tourist has this image, which looks a bit different.

Actually I’m pretty sure I’ve heard people mention the chocolate twist so that may be more up to date. Basically the same though. I’d prefer the twist to whatever the round one is in my pic.

Me too. We may just fight over it though. That would be a problem.

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The chocolate twist is FABULOUS!!! We even asked them to bring us a few more and they happily accommodated.


Here is what we got on 5/6


I’m very happy to hear that they will bring you more. Once my sons get going on the sugary pastries they ca really chow down.

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