Selecting Park Days based on Crowds

Good morning! I’m a return Touring Plans user (last used in 2016) and excited to dive back in. We are going in March (with heavy crowds!) and I’m trying to determine which days to do which parks. I was using another website’s crowd predictor and made our reservations based on that. Now that I have TP, I noticed that the crowd predictors are a little different (some quite a bit). In particular, I have HS booked for a Monday, but TP has the crowd level at a 9 for Mon/Tues. Does anyone know why? Are there certain days I should avoid certain parks? It looks like HS’s lowest crowd level (7) that week will be Wednesday, but I’d hate to go that late in the week (our kids are really looking forward to Galaxy’s Edge). Thanks for any insight you can provide!!

HS is always going to be highest. TP bases crowds on average wait times not actual crowds. 1 or 2 levels isn’t going to make a huge difference. Have a good plan and don’t worry too much.


Agree there isn’t much difference between a 7 and a 9. If HS is important to your kids I’d go as soon as possible.

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One factor is, many visitors start their trip on a Monday because the majority travel weekends. All 4 parks have their highest waits on Mondays. And of course the most popular park(s) are going to get hit with bigger crowds the most.

I like to look at thrill data for the actual historical wait time trends. As an example, here is some data from this past spring break:

But as others have said, it may not be a huge difference in wait time savings. A good plan is more important than picking the right or wrong day.


Thank you!! All good points!! My plan is to have a good plan :slight_smile:


I look at touring Disney in blocks - mornings or evenings - rather than days.
Sometimes a park will have an overall crowd level of a certain number, but only during a certain time. After 6 pm, maybe, the crowds are expected to be less.
I also look at what’s the best - lowest - block of the week.
Best of all, if we have a particular park we want to go to, we are at the bus stop early. Before 7 am. To grab the first bus we can. We don’t listen to CMs, we’re just that weird family all by our onesies waiting in the dark for a bus.

Here’s a screen shot of a week in March. You can see that very early Monday HS isn’t very crowded.

HS might be least crowded all week on Wednesday evening.

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I planned our trip based on crowd levels but the actual crowds ended up being a bit different. The most predictable low crowds was MK on MNSSHP days! HS ended up being a 7 on a day that was predicted 3 or 4, but with BG1 and a solid plan it was no problem.

Oh wow, this data is awesome! Where did you find all that? We are rope drop people too, so I do plan to take advantage of early hours and also Extended evening hours. And I bought hopper passes too, so I could see where this data could really come in handy!

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Good to know! Thank you!!

Right here at River City - sorry.

Touring Plans. If you subscribe.

Scroll down - select web page.

At the web page select menu at top right.
Chose WDW
Chose crowd calendar

Prepare to go dooowwwn the rabbit hole . . .


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Oh boy. I’m gonna need to quit my job to have enough time to learn all this stuff, lol. Last time I used TP was 2016, so I think there have been a LOT of changes! Thanks for pointing me in the right direction!


It’s a lot of fun!