Seeking Offsite recommendations best for relaxation

Hi all,

I am planning a last minute trip to Orlando. It will be mostly non-Disney but we made do an AH event.

I’m struggling to find the ‘best’ hotel option. Strong contenders are Evermore and Margaritaville.

I’m going with my family of 4 (girls 13 and 15) and 2 grandparents.

I like evermore b/c of the accommodations and activities but I’m worried that the beaches will be far from our room and the water is not heated.

Wish list:

  • At least 3 bathrooms among the group (I’m willing to get 3 rooms with 2 connecting if the price is ok)
  • activities for resort days
  • excellent pool and shady areas with chairs

Bonus for lazy river at the hotel

Any thoughts or ideas I may not have thought of?

On our agenda of activities:

  • Discovery Cove / Sea World / Aquatica
  • Kennedy Space Center
  • Drawn to Life
  • Disney Springs activities
  • Visiting Disney resorts and potentially dining
  • HS AH
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@JJT stays at a place off site that seems nice — I think he uses points though (Wyndham?).

There are a few in the Disney Springs area that have larger suites for a decent price.


Evermore does look pretty awesome, but I’ve only looked at the Conrad Hilton there eyeing the use of future free night certificates, area seems expensive otherwise.

Like Jeff said, we stayed at the Hyatt Grand Cypress last year and LOVED it. Prices in general never seem terrible, but if you have Hyatt or Chase points can really get some deals.

We’re staying again this summer, getting a ginormous VIP suite for 24k points per night, but a regular room is far less than that. (If I had a large group staying there I’d probably book a few regular rooms and 1 VIP suite. The suite has a huge dining area, kitchen (no food heating ability weirdly) and living area with tv, plus multiple balconies. If you got a Pool/Disney side suite, you can all watch EP & MK fireworks from room.

By the way the VIP suite comes with two bathrooms. It also includes a separate king bed room and I believe you can add a second king bedroom on the other side of the suite. In that case you’d have three bathrooms two king beds two pull out doubles and another pull out couch that’s a queen I believe. Or you could just add other regular rooms.

Pool is absolutely great, huge grotto, multiple swim areas, outdoor movie tv. Also a lake with water sports, pitch putt golf, all included with resort fee. Points stays that fee is waived.

Technically can walk to DS, but would be a hot 25 minutes at least. Probably 5 minute Uber or drive.

You can see my reports from Grand Cypress last year starting here in my Deluxe it Up thread. :slight_smile:


Oh, Grand Cypress parking downside: if you have a car and not using valet, the parking area is a bit of a walk.

I didn’t think it was too terrible but see people complain online. I feel like having the parking off to the side preserves the feel that you are at an actual resort and not just another hotel. :slight_smile:


Was there a regular parking fee?

We stayed at one of the DS hotels with the - limited - guest parking to the side.

Valet was only another $15/day (maybe :wink:) so we sprang for it. Walking in from the parking lot wasn’t a big deal but searching for an open slot was going to be an ongoing difficulty.


I think the differential between regular parking and valet was $10 or $15 per day?

Unless it is a city kind of location where valet is the most efficient option, I’d almost always rather walk and park myself to maintain control of my car location. With a family there’s always something someone left in the car, too.

But, in the crazy summer Orlando heat there’s definitely a strong argument for shelling out for valet.


This was first week of July and warm (:hot_face:)
We had one of the teens call down to ask for the car. It was usually waiting, and cooler, when we got outside the hotel.

Your point about city parking and stuff in the car is valid, unfortunately. :confused:


This is super helpful, Thank you!! We would consider the VIP suite - were the sofa beds comfortable for your kids? I feel bad putting them on a sofa bed for a week, but i guess you can’t have everything.

My DD17 reports the smaller sofa pullout was “fine” - not anything to complain about or praise either way. (A sofabed she slept on in VT earlier in the year was terrible.)

My DS20 slept on the larger pullout in the living area and thought it was good, a little more praise than DD’s.